Portable Type 1 10A Electric Vehicle Charging cable (EVSE)

Portable Type 1 10A Electric Vehicle Charging cable (EVSE)

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Type 1 J-1772 to standard 3 pin NZ plug EVSE. 

Suitable for all Type 1 Vehicles like the Nissan LEAF, e-NV200, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, Smart ED, Mitsubishi IMiev, Kia Soul EV, JDM BMW i3, Prius PHEV and any Japanese vehicle fitter with the J1772 plug.

• Working Current: 8A 
• Working Voltage: 240V AC 
• Certificates: TUV 
• Cable Length:6.4 metres 
• Charging Plug: Type 1 Plug 
• Power Plug: New Zealand/ Australia Plug 
• Rated Power: 2.2kw 

SAE J1772 Standard 
Current: 8A; 
Voltage Range: 230V ± 10%; 
Maximum power: 2.2KW 
Auto charge recovery: Yes; 
Over current protection: Yes; 10,000 Charging Cycles; Cable Strain Relief Feature Insulated Terminal Design: Lights-indicates charging status; IP65; Operating Temperatures: -30° To +50°; Cord Length: 6.5 metres 

Warranty: 2 Year; Smooth line design 
In addition our device has Overcurrent protection, Overvoltage protection, Lightning protection, Electric leakage protection , earth leakage protection and Short circuit protection